Seeing Lady Gaga Without Makeup is Like Looking at a Different Person

Of all the artists today, Lady Gaga is perhaps the most difficult to recognize without makeup. She has always banked on an over the top brand. She came out wearing some of the most ridiculous dresses and hairpieces in the past. She has also tried all sorts of makeup. Seeing Lady Gaga without makeup is almost impossible. She has appeared in the past with barely any makeup though, and it looked like she was a totally different person.

Lady Gaga has been mocked for looking totally different without makeup on. Of course, she couldn’t care less.

Behind the dark makeup, glitz and glamor is a simple Lady Gaga who looks just like all of us.

Would you even believe this is she? Sometimes, when you dress people down, their natural beauty shines through.

There have been several instances when Lady Gaga appeared in public not as Lady Gaga, but more of a naturally beautiful woman.

Some people prefer Lady Gaga going out as her over the top self. However, sometimes it is great seeing her with this fresh look.

People were surprised when she appeared at the Oscars with this look. She donned a stunning white gown with a more natural makeup.


Most of the times, she appears with this look. This is why it is quite difficult imagining her looking a bit different.


This is how Lady Gaga looks like most of the times. Not only does she wear full make up, she always has something extra with her looks.

Lady Gaga is usually mocked for her drag queen-like makeup. Of course, she has embraced it and is a proud supporter of the LGBT community.

Regardless of the kind of makeup she decides to wear, Lady Gaga looks amazing. She is an icon and she will always be remembered for being who she is.