Pyramids of Giza Facts – Facts for kids

Every wanderer in the world surely knows how pyramids work. They are not just the mere representation of ancient history’s fine skill in architecture but also, a trace of occurrence that will live in the coming years to come. This is true as far as the Great Pyramid of Giza is concerned. The mentioned was built and designed to be the tomb for Khufu, who was then an Egyptian pharaoh. Pyramids of Giza facts were also around the place. It took almost 20 years in order for the building of such three burial chambers to occur. Prior to its first construction, it was only standing 147 meters. Since erosion happens from time to time, it decreased to 139 meters. Entering the Great Pyramid is somehow possible with the help of the Robber’s Tunnel.

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Pondering on Pyramid of Giza

In the known Seven Wonders of the World, Great Pyramid of Giza will always be the oldest. It is even dubbed as the largest. This is true among the three pyramids that were seen bordering El Giza, Egypt. It was also the ever largest pyramid built. The building of the said pyramid transpired with the presence of 2.3 million stone blocks. These, if measured, weigh around 5.9 million tons. The ancient name of the said pyramid was originally Khufu’s Horizon.

Among the many pyramids found on the place, Giza was commended because it was the only one coming with a ton of passages inside. It may go up and down in such case. For example, there is an intention to be in the chamber of the king, walking down will be required. If it is done all the way, then maybe, bending over will again be asked. This is another.

Before, there was a swivel door on the entrance of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This was known to weigh around 20 tons. This is the main reason why it could be pushed from the open part inside. From the outside of it, it was hard to locate or find. That was the case because the mentioned fits perfectly. There are other two pyramids as well. These come with their own swivel doors too. For instance, one of it was the pyramid of Khufu’s father. The other one was intended for the grandfather.

In order to build the pyramid, a mortar was used. However, it was not allowed for it to be reproduced. Analysis in order to understand it has been done. But then, it still cannot be copied. Not in any way. As a matter of fact, it will always be stronger than any other kind of stone there is. This is still in its place up until the present time.

Upon going inside the Great Pyramid, no hieroglyphics or writing has ever been recorded or found. The pyramid was put into place with concave sides. This will only mean that the four sides are most likely to curve. This will occur slightly. This is for sure. A replica of the pyramid was again put into place. No any other precise technology today can build the pyramid again.