Healing Foods for Asthma

Many people do not realize that even simple changes to their diet can help to reduce the severity of frequency of asthma attacks. One simple diet change is to add certain foods to the diet, such as citrus fruits and strawberries which are high in vitamin C, which helps to stop the release of histamines. As well as onion, garlic and spicy foods, which help to reduce inflammation. These healing foods can make a large difference for patients with asthma when added to a regular diet.

Citrus Fruits and other Fruits for Asthma

Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C, which helps to stop the release of histamine, which is the chemical in the body that causes wheezhing, runny nose and watery eyes that are associated with asthma. Recent medical studies have shown that vitamin C can help to reduce the severity of asthma attacks and also that those with low levels of vitamin C are much more likely to be diagnosed with asthma.

Strawberries are also fairly high in vitamin C. Other fruits that also contain larger amounts of vitamin C include cantaloupe, kiwifruit, papayas and tomatoes. Some vegetables are also high in vitamin C. These vegetables include bell peppers, brussels sprouts, butternut squash and broccoli.

Onions, Garlic and Spicy Foods for Asthma

Onions contain compounds that can actually help to reduce inflammation. These compounds can help to reduce the severity and frequency of asthma attacks due to reducing inflammation. Onions have even beeu sed for hundreds of years to help with asthma. These compounds are also found in garlic, making them both very beneficial for those that have asthma.

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Spicy foods can actually help people with asthma to breathe more easily, making them very helpful for those with asthma. Some of the most effective spicy foods that can help reduce the severity of asthma include horseradish, hot peppers and spicy dishes like chili. One of the most effective foods however is wasabi, which has been used in Japan for many years to help those with asthma.

Although these healing foods can be very beneficial for those with asthma, they should never be used to replace conventional medicine. These foods can not be used to replace an inhaler, or any type of medical treatment being used by asthma patients.